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Sofistafunk for the Funk of it!

June 18th, 2008


Sofistafunk, “Sexy In Any City”


Ahhh yes! the sun is shinning , the birds are singing, it’s the weekend in your city

Allow us to Introduce you to,

We are Sofistafunk Boutique, a destination shopping spot for ladies and little girls that are looking for a place that offers
the excess of girlie prettiness.

Inspired by the eras that span from the Victorian period to the late fifties, Sofistafunk offers a season-less collection of bottom frocks (skirts) in silks and cottons that whisper I Love being a girl, “we also offer dresses, tops and accessories, but our first love is skirts.”-Arlinda McIntosh

Everyone knows a womens mood can change like the wind, so from pencil thin to fairy tale full, too short or extra long, colorless whites to the deepest of blacks and all prints in between we like to think there is something to tickle every ladies Fashion Fancy

Enjoy a chilled glass of sweet iced tea and a few crumpets, while listening to the sweet sounds of jazz in June.

Have a seat in the ultra girlie front parlor while in-house stylists show you the latest body frocks, or feel free to shop the boutique.

Leave feeling refreshed and ready for whatever your weekend brings.

*Take $20.00 off your first purchase.

Sofistafunk Boutique

21 Grove Ave

Verona, NJ 07044


May 30th, 2008


Spring/Summer 2008 Preview

April 12th, 2008


Sofistafunk teaches skirt making 101, part deux

Designer Rob Yonkers, former instructor at the Montclair based Bass Art Studio passes the teaching baton to us.

We entitled our 12 week Winter 08 class “Improve Couture” The basics of sewing and the bottom line fashion design.

I teach the way I was taught, my mom said here’s the machine “Use what you have to get what you want to wear” she taught me the basics saying if you can make a seam, you can make a garment.

If fashion design school is available to you and that’s how you desire to learn, by all means take advantage of all the knowledge the instructors have for you.

The girls ages range from 9 to 16 and they are eager to learn, learning and fantastic!!!

12 weeks week 1: Learning their machines by constructing a tote bag.
week 2: More seams, a cosmetic case
week 3: Garment 1
week 4: Item 2
week 5: The Challenge: The winner Everybody!!!
week 6: The dresses, the skirts
week 7:
week 8:
week 9:
week 10:
week 11:
week 12: The Presentation

April 11th, 2008


Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Sofistafunk

In Vintage Rose, or Black it’s “not your nana’s sequin” Season-less Sequin Skirt.

Photo: RowenaHusbands/blinkofaneyephotographyonline.com

February 14th, 2008


Sofistafunk on stage with “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told”

Earlier this month we were asked to design some of the costumes for the new stage play “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told”
The productions director, Anna Maria Horsford showed us the DVD of the original production and said “child use your imagination”, and that we did.

The way the story is told by Marcus, (David Ramsey) Dureen’s (Tatyana Ali) fiancee as he creatively teaches the Sunday School children the story of Mary and Joseph, also gave us the freedom to be a little more creative in design and color choices since he didn’t seem quite sure of all of the facts.

We hoped not to offend any one of a particular religion or faith and since none of us were there anyway, we figured, just go for it-use another color. Cheshire and I didn’t want to do Mary’s Wedding costume in the standard white and blue as we’ve always seen so we chose a pale gray silk and decorated it with turquoise and alabaster stones accented with swarovski and rock crystals all set amidst swirls of gold sutache.

Mary might have even found her stones laying about on the ground as she and her Mom sought to design her dress.

For Joseph we chose a turquoise crinkled fabric accented by gold to coordinate with the stones on his sweetie.

Additional designs:
Mary, (Tatyana Ali) in the house
Ann, Mary’s Mom (Anna Marie Horsford) The Angel Gabriel (Guy Tory)
Wedding Dancers

Believed to relieve stress and aid in relaxing the mind, Turquoise history dates back to 6000BC when ancient Egyptians used it.
Alabaster at that time was said to represent purity, virtue, and spiritual idealism with their beautiful marbleized design, amongst other items it was used to design and make flasks to hold perfumed oils.

We thank the Producers and Ms. Horsford for requesting our creative services for their production,
Arlinda and Cheshire for Sofistafunk

January 28th, 2008


A Rhode Island Wedding

Sarah Uslan-Sugerman, wanted her bridesmaids to be all Sofistafunky for her October 8th, 2007 nuptials, so she called on us to help make her dream come true.

December 16th, 2007


A Surprise Visit

Monday, September 10, 2007
Fashion Weekend 2008-A Surprise Visit

While all was abuzz at NY Fashion Week Spring 08 much was ado at Sofistafunk Boutique Saturday and Sunday September 8th and 9th 2007

We started off Saturday with “Ode to Black” a Welcome Autumn, Tea and Shopping Event, in the front parlor we served steaming black tea and assorted crumpets, our favorite of the delectible sweetables was Mrs. Lucille’s Yummy strawberry scones.

Waiting In the Showroom to quinche your fashion taste buds black took presedince to an array of intense brights and some fun unexpected mixed plaids.

Many of our clients, just returning from various summer vacation destinations stopped in for conversation and a few wardrobe additions.

Sunday afternoon we had a surprise and welcome visit from one of our favorite fans, Actress, Lady Anna Maria Horsford
and a few of her friends and Mr. Ronald Grant, founder of Heilium.

Good Morning and welcome back to all our Beautiful Society Members, I trust you all had fashionably fabulous vacations.

Fashion Weekend 2008-A Surprise Visit

September 12th, 2007


In the beginning was the fabric…

Friday, August 10, 2007
In the Beginning was the fabric…in review

In the beginning was the fabric, the fabric was without form, except for the width and yardage, then we had so much of it that we had to open a space to transform it into skirts and such,

The story went like this

Once upon a time a few moons ago, a Mother and Daughter-in-law duo decided to open a little skirt shop.

A place reminiscent of the little vintage shops that were tucked away in old Victorian homes and offered “by appointment only service”

The clients would walk into a floral scented parlor and be shown the latest seasonal collections , while being served sweet tea and crumpets on ornate silver trays.

An so began the story of Sofistafunk the Boutique.

Grand Opening, Saturday and Sunday, November 4th and 5th 2006.

August 10th, 2007


A Fresh Green Clean

A fresh smelling GREEN clean

A fresh smelling GREEN clean

We’ve been getting a little green around here lately, so we thought since most of our apparel is washable, it would be a good idea if we could recommend a great laundry soap. so Cheshire and I went iso one with gentle ingredients and a nice clean scent.
Drum Roll Please

Earth Friendly Baby Laundry Soap
A hypo-allergenic washing liquid that’s gentle enough for babies’ sensitive skin, our Earth Friendly Baby Laundry Soap contains soothing chamomile and lavender essential oils. Clean & Green

A fresh smelling GREEN clean

July 15th, 2007


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