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Welcome Fall :D

September 13th, 2008

“Autumn Kisses Upon My Face”

a Sofistafunk play, in which you can cast your self.
Stage should be bare except for you, a top, your lip color, a mirror & your skirt. The dressing room wall is an alabaster hue.

(Lights out. A metronome starts.)

(Lights up–a single light bulb cast just enough light. you standing in front of the mirror, facing your self, slightly smiling. A crimson rose lies behind you on the floor, or perhaps a motionless parrot, lol.)

(The metronome continues. You still standing, motionless, staring at your skirt. Metronome stops after 25 seconds. You look slowly at yourself.


(Music rises - Nina Simone, “the more I see you” You begin to speak, in the dark.)

You to your reflection: “Do you know how beautiful you really are?

like a silent whisper, lingering between two lovers,

then slowly evaporating into the aura of your soul, visions of butterflies lingering on a cloudless Autumn day,

and then the evening came under an ink blue sky, ’tis time to dance.

you close your eyes for a moment to see,

(Lights swell.)

yes, my magnificent me, I love you, today I celebrate us, for I am a Sofistafunk woman

(Lights fade.)

- Sofistafunk Skirt Co.

for the love you share,

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