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Hanging in the Closet

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Sandy and I attended a hot little fashion show last night at Closet Boutique in Englewood, NJ, cocktail hour was all about the Hosts, John O’Keefe and Nelson Ramos, the Music by Power 105’s DJ Ed Lover.¬† The drink, “Nuvo” the cutest little pink drink new to the market, “DO NOT DRINK or Dance AND DRIVE” if I had driven, lets just say I might not have been here this morning, it was soooooo good, but watch out! it sneaks up on us non drinkers.

Now to the reason for this post, Ladies you MUST send/take or accompany your men to Closet 07631 Boutique, they have the sexiest collection of designer “Glad Rags” picked to perfection, every piece compliments the other. The show featured designs by Ozzie Small for Lifestyle, R. Blackburn for fabric by Blackburn and the Jeremi Hunter Collection, we had a Fashionable/Nuvo Good time.

Oh! before I forget, you heard it here first, this fall Sofistafunk makes it’s debut to Englewood, NJ we will be hanging out with the other girlie wears in “Closet¬† 07631 For Her” right around the corner from Closet for him, 2 S.Dean Street, Englewood, NJ www.shop@closet07631.com, they’re even hosting a fashion/trunk show for us in September, we’ll keep you posted….

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