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On Sofistafunk’s Holiday Radar

From Sticky Monkey Bread to Simple Southern Fried Chicken, the lady who lives to cook will enjoy The Get ‘Em Girls’ Guide to the Power of Cuisine: Perfect Recipes for Spicing Up Your Love Life by Shakara Bridgers, Jeniece Isley and Joan A. Davis.   At about $14 at amazon.com. Read all about at Clutch.

November 22nd, 2008


Thank You Clutch Magazine, Love Sofistafunk

Sofistafunk Skirt Co. & Boutique

Saturday Nov 1, 2008 – By Teneille Craig for Clutchmagonline.com

Intimate and fashionable, the Sofistafunk experience exudes the charisma of a ladies parlor rather than a boutique. The air is filled with an endearing aroma of Vanilla Chai tea, crumpets and an inspiring mix of jazz. Complete with an ageless in-house collection both charming and sophisticate, mother and daughter-in-law team Arlinda McIntosh and Cheshire Mickens have set a new standard for the future of couture niche boutiques.

Silks, cottons, full, short or long, this darling design duo has garnered a following both extraordinary and eclectic due to their collection of lovely bottom frocks, or skirts. While their full line includes a quaint but delectable assortment of women’s pieces, skirts are their primary focus. Influenced by the styles stemming from the early days of fashion, Sofistafunk pieces possess an alluring vintage appeal.

“Inspired by the eras that span from the Victorian period to the late fifties, Sofistafunk offers a season-less collection of bottom frocks (skirts) in silks and cottons that whisper I love being a girl. We also offer dresses, tops and accessories, but our first love is skirts.”

tells Arlinda.

Challenging the calm of simplistic modern designs, Sofistafunk pieces are exciting and girlishly couture. With pieces made to pretty even the smallest fashionista, no audacious inner princess is left un-frocked. “Our clients ages range from 2 -102, LOL, OK, so maybe we don’t have any clients that are even close to 102 but, we do have a few that are in their 60’s and 70’s. Our size range for all our girls are 2-22. And because all of our design and production is done on the premises, if her size is not on the rack we will make it for her, in some cases while she waits.” Arlinda adds.

Discovering the epithet of chic feminine expression, it’s to no surprise that the Sofistafunk Boutique has been revered the “Jewel of New Jersey”. Having reinvented the design and playfulness of the traditional skirt, the darling design duo Arlinda and Chesire have made an undeniable mark on the world of fashion.

November 22nd, 2008


Happy 2nd Birthday to Us!!!!!!!

November 3rd, 2008


Fall Preview at Clutch Magazine

Greetings, a steaming cup of jasmine scented tea to you this beautiful and cherished moment.

Like life, fashion is a constant change, visit us over at Clutch Magazine http://clutchmagonline.com/ to see some of what’s new for fall here in the boutique, the site will be updated within the next few days.

Like a vintage shop, full of openly secret finds, so are the days of Sofistafunk Boutique

Racks of clothing some black and some bold, mix them with vintage from times of old.

Hats, hand bags and sometimes shoes, plenty of floral’s and some pearls too.

Crystals, buttons, and a little pucci here and there, adorn silks, cottons and velvets for your Holiday affairs.

Girls of all ages come for shopping and tea, feel free to join us there is always something new for you to see.

Life is a gift Meant for Celebration

Sofistafunk the Boutique
21 Grove Ave
Verona, NJ 07044

November 3rd, 2008


Welcome Fall :D

“Autumn Kisses Upon My Face”

a Sofistafunk play, in which you can cast your self.
Stage should be bare except for you, a top, your lip color, a mirror & your skirt. The dressing room wall is an alabaster hue.

(Lights out. A metronome starts.)

(Lights up–a single light bulb cast just enough light. you standing in front of the mirror, facing your self, slightly smiling. A crimson rose lies behind you on the floor, or perhaps a motionless parrot, lol.)

(The metronome continues. You still standing, motionless, staring at your skirt. Metronome stops after 25 seconds. You look slowly at yourself.


(Music rises - Nina Simone, “the more I see you” You begin to speak, in the dark.)

You to your reflection: “Do you know how beautiful you really are?

like a silent whisper, lingering between two lovers,

then slowly evaporating into the aura of your soul, visions of butterflies lingering on a cloudless Autumn day,

and then the evening came under an ink blue sky, ’tis time to dance.

you close your eyes for a moment to see,

(Lights swell.)

yes, my magnificent me, I love you, today I celebrate us, for I am a Sofistafunk woman

(Lights fade.)

- Sofistafunk Skirt Co.

for the love you share,

September 13th, 2008


Sofistafunk in the Closet

Greeting Ladies and the Gentlemen who shop Sofistafunk for your Ladies,

We are now available at Closet 07631 for her, Englewood, NJ

Join us as we debut Sofistafunk Fall/Winter and Holiday 2008/09

RSVP: forher@closet07631

Via Car [From New York]
From the west side take the West Side Highway to the George Washington Bridge lower level
From the east side take FDR Highway to the George Washington Bridge lower level
Take Route 4 West to Grand Ave/Englewood
Once you come off the exit, you will be at the light.  Bear right in front of car dealership then soon after, you will see Jackson Hole on your left. Take Grand Ave. down to Palisade Ave.
Make a left on Palisades Ave.
Drive 1 Block then make a left on S. Dean Street.
The boutique is on the right.

Via Car [From New Jersey]
Garden State Parkway North to Exit 161 [toll road]
Take Route 4 to Grand Ave/Englewood
Take second Grand Ave exit (which will say Englewood) down to Pailisades Ave.
Once you come off the exit, you will be going under the over pass (which will be rte 4 then a light).
After the light, you will see a car dealership on the left and then soon after, Jackson Hole. Take Grand Ave. down to Palisade Ave.
Make a left on Palisades Ave.
Drive 1 Block then make a left on S. Dean Street.
The boutique is on the right.

Via Public Transportation [From Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York]
NJ Transit Bus
Gate 212
Bus # 166 Cresskill
Get off at Grand Ave/Palisade Ave. (Englewood, NJ)
Walk northwest on E. Palisade Ave, (1 block)
Cost :$3.40 one way/ $6.80 round trip
Pre-purchase your tickets @ ticket window

September 8th, 2008


Sofistafunk’s Random Acts of Fashion

Happy Hannah Owned Saturday Everybody,

while waiting for the water to stop falling from the sky, I thought I’d upload a few random pics from our past.

September 6th, 2008


Hanging in the Closet

Sandy and I attended a hot little fashion show last night at Closet Boutique in Englewood, NJ, cocktail hour was all about the Hosts, John O’Keefe and Nelson Ramos, the Music by Power 105’s DJ Ed Lover.  The drink, “Nuvo” the cutest little pink drink new to the market, “DO NOT DRINK or Dance AND DRIVE” if I had driven, lets just say I might not have been here this morning, it was soooooo good, but watch out! it sneaks up on us non drinkers.

Now to the reason for this post, Ladies you MUST send/take or accompany your men to Closet 07631 Boutique, they have the sexiest collection of designer “Glad Rags” picked to perfection, every piece compliments the other. The show featured designs by Ozzie Small for Lifestyle, R. Blackburn for fabric by Blackburn and the Jeremi Hunter Collection, we had a Fashionable/Nuvo Good time.

Oh! before I forget, you heard it here first, this fall Sofistafunk makes it’s debut to Englewood, NJ we will be hanging out with the other girlie wears in “Closet  07631 For Her” right around the corner from Closet for him, 2 S.Dean Street, Englewood, NJ www.shop@closet07631.com, they’re even hosting a fashion/trunk show for us in September, we’ll keep you posted….

July 26th, 2008


Prom 08, Sofistafunk Style

June 25th, 2008


A Sofistafunk/Abundant Life Church Event

Sofistafunk was recently requested to participate in a fashion show for an Abundant Life Family Worship Church Event.

June 22nd, 2008


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